MA60 Airliner

MA60 Airliner

The MA60 is an advanced 50-60 seat class regional turboprop aircraft. Characterized by remarkable passenger comfort, operational adaptability and low operating cost the MA60 is suitable for frequent short and medium-haul commuter operations as well as multi-role applications. The MA60 can meet the increasingly demanding needs of modern transport and offer operators with the greatest operating benefits.

The MA60's high operational adaptability in terms of cruise speed, range, airfield adaptability, "hot and high" performance, STOL performance and the capability of all-weather operations makes it an ideal regional turboprop aircraft.

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The cabin has been designed in full consideration with passenger comfort. The spacious cabin and comfortable environment make the passenger comfort comparable to jet airliners.

Low operating cost is one of the highest priorities in MA60's design. The MA60 has the lowest DOC in its class thanks to its competitive price, high reliability and dispatch rate as well as less maintenance cost.

Good airfield adaptability

The MA60 is designed to be able to take-off and land on those unpaved or semi-prepared airfields such as soil, grass or grave surface. This feature makes the aircraft ideal to fly not only to hubs but also to remote area.

STOL performance

The MA60 can take-off and land on short runways.

MA60"Hot and high" capability

The aircraft is of good "hot and high" performance. Powered by PW-127J engines, it can take-off with more payloads in hot climate at high elevation.

Multi-hop capability

Thanks to its long range, the MA60 can offer good multi-hop operations and charter capability.

All-weather operation capability

The MA60 is able to adapt to extreme weather environments such as icing condition.



Multi-role operation

The MA60 is designed to offer a good flying platform for multi-role operations such as executive transport, cargo transport, maritime surveillance, troop transport and parachuting, air ambulance and other special missions.

Spacious cabin The widest cabin cross-section in its class - 8 ft 10.3 in. (2.7m) Generous baggage space Large overhead bins, front and rear cargo compartments Elegant interior Carefully designed interior and seats with unique style Comfortable environment Quiet and easy temperature control


Cabin length 35ft 4.9in 10.794 m
Cabin width 8ft 10.3in 2.700 m
Cabin height 6ft 3in 1.907 m
Entry door (W x H) 30 x 55 in 0.750 x 1.405 m
Front cargo door  (W x H) 47 x 48 in 1.190 x 1.220 m
Rear cargo door  (W x H) 30 x 56 in 0.750 x 1.410 m
Exit door 20 x 37 in 0.510 x 0.927 m

Front cargo compartment volume


16.40 ft3

1190 lb

5.0 m3

540 kg

Rear cargo compartment volume


48.44 ft

660 lb

4.5 m

300 kg


Maximum Taxiing Weight 48280 lb 21900 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 48060 lb 21800 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 47619 lb 21600 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 42328 lb 19200 kg
Operating Empty Weight 30203 lb 13700 kg
Maximum Payload 12125 lb 5500 kg
Maximum Useable Fuel 8885 lb 4030 kg

MA60The MA60 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW-127J turboprop engines rated at 2880 eshp each. The proven PW 127 series of engine have accumulated millions of flight hours in worldwide regional airline service.


• Large power and low weight
• Electric Engine Control System (EEC)
• Excellent performance of start, acceleration and cruise
• Low fuel consumption
• Low noise and emission
• High reliability and easy maintenance

Main Parameter:

Take-off 2880 2750 1) 0.459 325
Normal Take-off 4) 2594 2475 1) 0.470 297
Max. Continuous/Enroute Emergency 2880 2750 1) 0.459 325
Max. Climb 2299 2192 2) 0.486 268
Max. Cruise 2237 2132 3) 0.491 262


1) Available to 34.9oC (94.9oF) at 1200 NP.
2) Available to 27.5oC (81.5oF) at 1200 NP.
3) Available to 22.6oC (72.7oF) at 1200 NP.
4) Normal takeoff power is the maximum power to be set during routine takeoffs. The control system automatically increases power up to 10 percent on receipt of a signal indicating a power loss on the opposite engine.

The aircraft is fitted with 4-blade Hamilton Sundstrand 247F-3 propellers.

· All composite material with light weight and high strength
· Advanced aerodynamic configuration
· Variable pitch, feathering to reverse and auto synchronized
· Powerful reversing capability to reduce the aircraft's landing distance
· Low rotation speed (1200 rpm) resulting in low noise
· Easy maintenance and long service life

Main Parameter:

Diameter 3.962 m(13 ft)
Rotation direction clockwise (look forward)
Speed 1200 r/min (100%NP)
Weight (two sets of propeller including assemblies and accessories) 317 kg(698.9 lb)



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