F-7MG fighter jet - China

F-7MG Fighter Jet - China

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F-7MG is a low cost supersonic light multi-role fighter, equipped with state-of-the-art cockpit, HOTAS, HUD/SMFD, Pulse Doppler radar, Helmet-mounted target designation system, advanced SRAAM, long range glide bomb. It can meet the requirements of modern air force for low cost fighter.


Enhanced maneuverability at low and medium altitude;
Proven and Powerful engine;
Advanced avionics;
Easy operation and maintenance;
Low acquisition price and operational cost.

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Over the Cheng-du Aircraft Cooperation Factory in China, Group Captain Kaiser Tufail and Wing Commander Jamshed Khan flew a series of evaluation of fighter aircraft. The two PAF pilots felt honored to be the first pilots invited to evaluate the new aircraft.

F-7MG fighter jet - China

www.dayangma.comThe F-7MG and the F-8IIM are top-of-the-line aircraft in their respective categories, and their induction into the Pakistan Air Force could help to significantly redress the imbalance between the PAF and the Indian Air Force.

Joint production of these aircraft and sales to other countries could also help to boost Pakistan’s foreign currency earnings and ease pressure on its balance of payments.

The co-production deal would also help to fill the fighter-gap created by Washington’s refusal to deliver 28 F-16 aircraft to Pakistan following the arms embargo imposed on it by the United States in October 1990 under the Pressler amendment. Although the US sanctions were lifted last year after Pakistan decided to side with Washington in its “war against terrorism,” delivery of the F-16s remains blocked.

Arms embargos were also imposed on Pakistan by Sweden, Britain and Germany after Pakistan carried out six nuclear tests on May 29 and May 30, 1998 in response to the five nuclear tests carried out by India two weeks earlier.

Although France did not impose an arms embargo on Pakistan, the very high price tag on France’s new generation Mirage 2000-5 fighters (about $ 80 million per copy, including crew training, spares and logistics support) makes them prohibitively expensive for Pakistan.

The chances of Russia agreeing to sell fighter aircraft to Pakistan also seem remote, given Moscow’s strong ties with New Delhi, which remains Russia’s biggest customer for arms.

These are some of the considerations that are said to have been behind Pakistan’s decision to enter into co-production arrangements with China for the F-7MG and F-8IIM fighter aircraft.

The F-7MG mach 2 fighter is a new version of the F-7M series aircraft. This light supersonic, single-seat, single-engine fighter offers enhanced air combat performance, particularly at low and medium altitude.

The double-delta wings, powerful WP-13F turbojet engine, optimised cockpit arrangement and enhanced air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons adopted in the F-7MG provide greater operational range, and shorter take-off and landing capability, as well as adding to the integrated combat effectiveness of the aircraft.

The F-7MG is a superior air combat and multirole fighter aircraft, designed to seize air superiority and carry out air defence intercept and ground support missions. It has a maximum speed of mach 2 (twice the speed of sound).

The F-7MG’s advanced avionics include an advanced fire control system using a head-up display/weapon aiming computer (HUD/WAC) as its core. The F-7MG has two 30mm cannon and five external stations that can carry drop tanks and Chinese/Western weapons, including missiles, rockets and bombs. The outboard pylons are weapon/drop tank combined pylons.


Wing Span 8.320m
Length overall 14.885m
Height overall 4.103m
Max. Take-Off Weight 9,100kg
Max. Mach number 2.0
Service ceiling 17,500m
Take-off run 650m
Landing run 700m


30 mm cannons
250kg class bombs
500kg class bombs
PL-5 air-to-air missile
PL-7 air-to-air missile
AIM-9 air-to-air missile

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