F60 stealth fighter, China Shenyang

F60 stealth fighter,
China Shenyang Aircraft Limited

Competitor: J20 stealth fighter

Official J-21 prototype fighter jet is now revealed, it is very similar to F60 fighter concept, view J-21 photos here.

A new model named F60 stealth fighter was on public display in Sep 2011 in China. This design is from Shenyang Aircraft Limited. More updates coming soon.



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F60 stealth fighter, China Shenyang

SAC lost four generations into a flying machine F60 F-20 Insider: too ambitious

online crazy pass in a few years ago an article on the research visit to the SAC article, which may be outside that there are four generations of Chinese first-hand information. One of four generations of this to say:

“On the afternoon of our second pneumatic chamber with 601, the overall room, hidden rooms, unmanned aerial vehicles room, craft room, etc. 6 Vision Research’s chief designer had a discussion, very profitable. The focus of the discussion focused on four generations of machine design and development considerations on follow-up, 601 fourth generation machine project “Snow Owl” three- The canard wing, wide field of vision, compared with three generations of machine Jian Shi B low-observable (stealth) better surface radar scattering RCS <0.3, also has a supersonic cruise and post-stall maneuver capabilities, carrying advanced mission system that can simultaneously attack multiple targets, the development of four generations of machines to use costly, the design must also consider the price factor based logistics support system.

why the 601′s fourth generation machine selection with three-wing canard layout? and of the advantages of a heated discussion, stealth for four generations of machines is a must considerations, in the same plane fuselage wing stealth best performance, but 601 is a canard verify the results before a small angle to the impact of stealth performance is acceptable, because the aircraft has stealth factors to be considered overall, avionics, materials, radar, engine tail pipe and other factors, the United States seven selection of four generations of machines is not a canard layout, and even ridicule the U.S. military officials say “canard is best installed in the enemy the plane “, and this thesis is the U.S. national strategy and operational mode of the decision the U.S. offensive combat stress, to maintain its advantage within the world, the offensive strategy requires more emphasis on stealth, super-horizon attack, combat the use of way offensive formation, the need for stealth in the air for only a limited few radar boot, remote locking on to enemy attack, then attack the fighters withdrew from follow-up fleet aimed at keeping the enemy attacks, so the enemy When the first attack carried out by evasive action, will be fully exposed its own fleet of aircraft radar before then, such a complete combat system based mainly in long-distance attack, while Russia tend to defensive posture, so can other means to detect, such as ground radar systems, or air early warning network to detect the stealth aircraft, stealth aircraft, once so close to or is found, the stealth is useless, we must rely on high-mobility combat advantage to play this it shows the general traditional stealth aircraft radar for the band on the point of view, the role is quite large, but now the war has been out of the platform in the initial confrontation on the platform model, but against the whole system, so if a more complete of each other to make the sensor system, not just the radar system point of view, then, find, locate or even attack stealth aircraft is very possible. stealth aircraft in front of the radar reflection area is relatively small, can reach 0.01 m below, but overlooking the , strabismus is not so small, the future means of investigation and detection can not completely from the front, but it should be said at present is still very difficult to deal with the stealth aircraft.

to develop new fighter is dependent on a core issue of national and military strategy, but also according to national and compatible with national interests, so as to consider what kind of air support equipment, what kind of combat system, the last of 601 aircraft The condition can develop according to its own development strategy. using three wing canard layout is also based on our current situation and study the level of trade-offs, because China is still not the same as the United States to lead the world in the development of aviation technology, but also from its global fight against the offensive strategy, the army’s combat strategy is “offensive and defensive” and therefore can not blindly follow the U.S. military development, canard and main wing to the right configuration, the main wing can produce strong interference, the formation of additional vortex lift, especially when the advantages to maneuver more prominent, duck-driven layout in general is a good layout, especially accompanied by telex flight control system to better play its advantage, while duck style layout and vector engine with pneumatic the better. China’s military strategic partner of Russia, I basically rely on the Russian aviation industry technology developed, the United States, materials, electronics and information technology, especially microelectronics, guidance, stealth has an advantage in aerodynamics and Russia engine has its advantages, so I chose this layout is also conducive to high-tech cooperation with Russia on the present stealth technology has been studied for years, but has not developed a model to validate these techniques, the maturity of key technologies is very low We model the bottleneck in the development of U.S. military aircraft have been retired F117 collection of the United States developed the stealth technology, the F22 is the fourth generation machine as its advanced technology, an integrated platform, due to cost-effective than the problem, then develop the “level with” the F-35, so if you consider the economics of the aircraft by the troops should be developed to implement the existing technology. Research studies have shown that the United States: a large off-axis angle in the launch and target conditions, mobility helmet little significance, but this is based on the combat system is complete and the case of attack, and the destruction of the fighting or defensive post system, the short-range combat capability will become very important.

China is a vast country, a major task of homeland defense, relying on the development of advanced aircraft purchase is not possible, first, the United States abroad, especially to our very strict restrictions, spend a lot of other financial, but also undermine the strength of China’s aviation research and development, although China’s economic and technological innovation is not a world-class, their own research and form their own independent intellectual property rights, so that we may develop a truly advanced aircraft, which is China’s national defense to The only way to independence, but must not negate the introduction, if the level is completely divorced from the reality will be even worse, the greater the gap with foreign countries, it said can not completely rely on the introduction to stifle their ability to innovate, we as industrialized countries after the onset I need to air the many high-tech industry, a key technology in the world many countries have a breakthrough or mature, so the market through technical cooperation and to absorb and introduce advanced technology and experience to China’s aviation industry to develop their research and innovation the power. “

The article is written by brothers engineering units, of course, some of which point of view it might not be the case study of the Chinese Air Force actually Some questionable and we need to discuss where, for example, is the wave of attacks on U.S. tactics after the tactics too distant from the writing of the actual combat to be more complex. But we do not have to struggle here.

601 house project never open, all the details secret, but the three wing is their initial research. SAC is clearly in the 1990s by the Russian influence. In the 1990s, Russia has an open three wing of the SU35, SU37 and SU30MKI, SU47. Strictly speaking, SU35, SU37 and Su33 SU30MKI the same as the former provides a canard vortex lift —- but because the owner does not meet the canard-wing and front wing, detached vortex coupling is very small, generally considered to be To compensate for passive phased array radar of the heavy weight. For the next generation of fighters, SAC has its own considerations are: the three wing aircraft and contrast conventional canard layout are good. For the conventional layout, there is no strong indicators of F22 engine is difficult to achieve. Canard canard vortex before the high angle of attack for the engine and flight controls are good, but short-range and long-distance-coupled canard for trim and vortex lift balance is not good solution, it is difficult both speed and mobility of the airspace of the desired effect.

SAC favorite three wing aircraft in flight can be the end of the first duck-wing peace movement to better take into account both in the vortex lift and trim balance, also allows the main wing and horizontal tail area is reduced. Also have a more perfect theory of ultra-mobile features. Of course, the more beautiful garden the more we need to remove the weeds.

(digression 2: India’s Su30MKI thrust vector system is the first aircraft at the same time also the three wing aircraft, but on the air in relation to the Su27 Su-27UB two-seater has been weakened adds canard control and trim weight and the weight of passive phased array radar, thrust vectoring nozzle dead weight, weight increased significantly, hover performance improvement is not subsonic addition, Su30MKI increase front wing vortex lift of course, but SU30 main wing and front wing arrangement does not meet the strong coupling duck-machine layout, can not be pulled out from the vortex of strong coupling, is difficult to substantially increase the vortex Many people thus believe that the lift — Su30MKISu33, su35, su34, including three wing T50 are false, we can say makes sense. with two-seat, dead weight, but decreased ability to climb, climb thrust vector of the beneficial effects of very small , the instantaneous angle of impact.

Despite Su30MKI increase and push the canard design resulting vector agile performance, but because the body design has long been fixed, the original characteristics of transonic and supersonic performance is still, roll capabilities have been SU27 series of weak, thrust vectoring nozzle and the front wing only partially improved vertical and horizontal head pointing and agility, transonic and supersonic resistance actually increased, climb performance improvement is not ideal, but a downward trend, while the roll performance and ability to instantly point to difficult to play.

from a mobile perspective said, Su30MKI seat on the improvement in SU27UB may be a serious error, compared to Su30MKK integrated pneumatic some increase, but the contrast Su27 integrated air but declined, from Russia do not want equipment Su30MKI, single-seat new SU35BM is proof, from China do not want to SU30 as ultra-mobile all-round machine, and based on the use of composite materials and electronic weight loss, increased body strength, increase the thrust to improve the overall air capacity — single-seat F-11B, in a sense and do not seek the mao together.

Su30MKI can not say that technology now stable, but India is definitely not a fool, Su30MKI enhanced information search and direct cross-linking capability, push vector improved performance for large angles of attack, the burden of seat allocation to meet their needs: from the bottom up into China for the Tibetan plateau and highlands of Kashmir, the two-seater fighter pilot can reduce the burden of complex terrain, and heavy passive Phased array radar can enhance the resolution of complex terrain, in the highlands is the Raider used more tactical, and China’s SU30MKK bad form aimed east, are quick to deterrence in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Chinese fighter plane of the thin air, and push for take-off weight than those with higher requirements, the form can not be used SU30MKI the same time, because the terrain commanding plateau, China in the long-range radar system has a natural advantage, the Indian fighter planes took off that can track detection, enough to carry the Su27, J8-2, F-10 boot command task in recent years, China and India are beginning to increase the combat readiness of the border investment, easing the Taiwan Strait in 2008, China began to invest in the resources and forces much larger than India, much of the recent high-profile troops out of this concern, but China has been used to do but not just referring to the Indian occupation of southern Tibet part of China, China also occupied the plateau part of Indian Kashmir, in southern Tibet plains, fertile land, a bigger population, but with the detection of offensive and defensive military sense, after difficult than those.

three wing they might SAC in the next generation of three wing aircraft are also prone to the same tragedy, but because the ship needs, F-15 and SU33 using the same basic design.

Su30MKI in F15C, and typhoons in the performance of the show Su30MKI against the advantages of performance still has a good subsonic SU27 hovering in the 2008 Red Flag exercises blind vertical mobility than the use of thrust vector was F15C “drilled brains.” when I had a typhoon blowing in the fight against the hype, but the British Air Force’s conclusion is: “Typhoon’s agility far Su30MKI above, but Su30MKI subsonic stability and strong ability to drive, in the confrontation, the Typhoon is always made before the enemy chance to attack, but if the confrontation continues, Su30MKI more and more opportunities. “Similarly, the Chinese Air Force F-10 in the fight against su27 also found, F-10 is always able to use advantages of transonic and supersonic, agility, instantaneous plate and roll edge first “shot down” Su27, use the form as much as the latter can be detrimental to the ability to climb with more agility roll out the ability to re-occupy a good attack position as long as the confrontation is not to go along with each other’s rhythm, the speed play down the blind stable hovering, the winners are the F-10 basic course, the F-11A, the opponents have the good with the F-10 radar electronics perception, you can use a variety of tactics, “grinding” to win – - as long as the motor is not too bad to the Israeli Air Force Mirage 5 3 mobile worse than the Phantom, but the range is far, results have the choice of fighting the initiative, but the last is the winner. In contrast, the huge volume of SU27 as World War II Japan Zero fighter; small size, relatively smaller than pushing the F-10 tactical but rather a German Fw190 aircraft, the use of instantaneous plate or roll edge — but the “zero-war” has a huge multi-purpose, mount, range advantage, It also let the Chinese Air Force put it down.

British Air Force SU30MKI thrust vector and the passive phased array radar was interested, but only impressed they do not get what is Su30MKI complete advantage. Similarly, the U.S. Air Force personnel that, Su30MKI compared with the F22, just thrust vectoring and phased array radar “looks like” it, if you want to get a next-generation fighter , it not only on the body in three generations of tinkering with something fancy in India, Malaysia and other countries is not entirely down SU30MKI by the Russian flicker, but they want to achieve enhanced command-type two-seater, air superiority, ground ability can be good, want to push vector and three wing make up less than two-seat air fills, but the idea is not suitable for Russia, China and Russia have a large number of aircraft of its sub-post attack attack, air combat air)


as compared to the idea of ??flying, SAC is also a great ambition, but they are not blind, the intention of SAC has a smart side, 4 on behalf of the project is a huge adventure machine engineering, is difficult to say after the state and the army will think, they will be cautious. SAC will undoubtedly want to pull Russia as equal partners in technology.

but certainly aware of the SAC: three wing aircraft has a theoretical perfect performance, but actually not too optimistic about the prospects:

1 three-wing face in dealing with the increase in RCS than conventional canard layout and more complex.

2 three wing layout sensitivity to rely on more sophisticated electronic control system.

3 three wing layout of the vortex theory, and the trim is to rely on perfect performance, but in actual R & D, because of an increase than a conventional layout Flip the front wing and its control system, which will inevitably have an impact on weight, although a small area can be designed to make up for the main wing, but for the resistance and thrust-weight ratio is negative, and flip the front wing and the existence of institutions compared to simple conventional canard layout and further deterioration of the internal space.

Russian Air Force as early as things stand on these issues, the actual final is not completely three-wing, the Russian side of the T50′s large full-motion is the front wing and side of the compromise, retaining some role also weakened vortex lift effect trim. As the full-motion side of the vortex caused by too much interference in the body, resulting in poor balancing ability. T50 still use motorized flaps peaceful end, as the vertical torque thrust vector control surfaces.

According to public news, SAC is also worried about the three wing, there are several to improve the program, the main advantage of a similar development from the beginning edge of F18 as the main direction of the vortex.

no matter how SAC is also worthy of respect. Competition with 611, three SAC wing surface and the advanced side of the two ideas will undoubtedly leave a good impression of the military, allegedly made a number of SAC’s thesis, to clarify the canard stealth fighter for the treatment complexity (more complex three wing), eddy current and trim the conflict, to clarify the benefits of three wing. However, the military seems to be: SAC program to do very small, large research efforts, but are not absolutely sure, in partnership with Russia with the intention of the number of projects also make snow on the existence of political variables.

In contrast, 611 of the lifting body side of the duck’s layout is also a great risk, but the 611 canard in the development carried out almost 30 years of exploration, and engineering it into reality. Into the F-10 flying in the research project difficulties in breaking the indomitable temperament impressive, F-10 is a cross, and the new 4th generation need a cross, the F-10 and FC1 greatly enhance the success of self-confidence into a fly, according to said to fly in the competition set a military order. This confidence must be overwhelming SAC the last straw.

article in public, the design chief engineer, said Shen Fei Tian regret to 4 generations in all respects meet or exceed the military standards. Still failed.

A few years ago, “Snow Road” in the military failure of the competition, on paper, but the SAC’s efforts continues, “Snow Road”, this northern ice Eagle really lost it? Time to test everything. No. Maybe little brother Veyron and snow can have the last laugh.



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