BZK-005 UAV - China :

BZK-005 UAV - China

BZK-005 is a high altitude long range UAV reconnaissance aircraft designed by Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

BZK-005 was first revealed to public at Zhuhai International Airshow 2006, video and modles are demonstrated to the public regarding this UAV.

BZK-005 has a few stealth features integrated into its design. It is believed that a satellite data link antenna is held in its large upper body dome. Under the body there are optic-electric sensor systems.

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It is expected that BZK-005 has cruising speed of around 170km/hr, service ceiling 8,000m, max take off weight is around 1,200kg, max payload over 150kg. In August 2011, a BZK-005 crashed into farm field close to Xing Tai, He Bei province. Photos of wreckage were posted on various Chinese internet websites.

A BZK-005 UAV crashed into Heibei province , August 2011.

BZK-005 UAV China

BZK-005 UAV - China :

A rare view of BZK-005 UAV in service with PLA Department of Chief Staff is shown here. BZK-005 was developed by BUAA and HAIG in 2005 as a medium/high altitude long range reconnaissance UAV. It was unveiled briefly in an AVIC promotional video at the 2006 Zhuhai International Airshow. The UAV features a stealth optimized fuselage and twin tailfins tilted outwards to reduce RCS. A large SATCOM antenna is thought to be installed inside the nose bulge, which provides live data transmission over thousands of kilometers. A small turret is installed underneath the nose housing the FLIR/CCD cameras. Those can be used for photo reconnaissance if needed. The UAV also features wings of a large wingspan and a fuel efficient poston engine, and is constructed using large amount of composite materials. These help to increase its range and cruising altitude, while reduce its RCS. Some specifications: cruising speed 150-180km/hr, service ceiling 8,000m, endurance 40hr, max TO weight <1,250kg,>150kg, TO distance <600m,>

BZK-005 UAV - China :



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