J-21 J-31 stealth fighter jet

J-31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet seems to be using Klimov RD-93 engines which were imported by the China for Sino-Pak JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets as a stop gap solution until WS-13 is flight worthy.

The J-31 may also be used as a carrier-based fifth generation stealth fighter jet complement to the conventional Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark Carrier Based Fighter Jet.

Early November 2014, J31 fighter jet arrived in Zhu Hai, China. It is believed to be publicly unveiled in Zhu Hai Airshow 2014, and to perform flight display. J-31′s manufacturer, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has expressed to demonstrate this latest 4th generation fighter jet in the exhibition.

J-21 / J-31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet will be employed as a low cost solution compared to the J-20 by the PLAAF. F-60/J-21/J31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet may also be offered for export to the Pakistan in future which serves as major testing ground for the new generation Chinese weapons.


China has unofficially unveiled another stealth fighter. This aircraft, externally resembling the Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor, could be the F-60, an export version of a AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation developed ’fourth generation’ fighter. By painting the marking ’31001′, Shenyang may be hinting about the design’s goal aspiring to be an alternative for the Chengdu J-20, toward a future selection by People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Alternatively, the J-31/F60 could be positioned for a future option for the People’s republic Army Navy (PLAN), for its future aircraft carrier force. In the near future, PLAN is to use the Russian Su-33 and its domestically designed Su-33 copycat dubbed J-15, also built by Shenyang.


The new stealth fighter was spotted yesterday at the Shenyang aircraft factory, bearing the marking ’31001′. The first and second prototypes of the J-20 carried the markings ’2001′ and ’2002′.


Report: China will export the Shenyang J-31 fighter jet

A PLA Navy official has confirmed to state-run media outlets that China will export the Shenyang J-31 twin-engine fifth generation fighter jet.

According to the Taiwan-based Want China Times, Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong told the People’s Daily this week that the J-31 was never built with China’s military in mind, and it was highly unlikely that the PLA would ever operate J-31s off of its aircraft carriers. Instead, the J-31 was designed for export to China’s strategic partners and allies, particularly those that couldn’t purchase the F-35.